• Becky Parkmum

Dear Mothers: We’re Not Meant to "Bounce Back"

We’re not meant to “bounce back” after having babies. Not physically, not emotionally. We’re meant to step forward into a better and different version of ourselves. Motherhood is sacred, and it is clear that the hard work is NOT DONE when that baby comes out (notwithstanding a lifetime of nurturing and school runs). You are still very much recovering from the birth — physically, emotionally, hormonally — for weeks/month or years. We need to have a better understanding of all that we’re doing. Then we’d be more likely to A.) feel better about our accomplishments (and be proud of having grown a baby) and B.) welcoming the changes they have made to our bodies.

The very notion that we are meant to change as little as possible, and even revert back to the women we were before we became mothers is unrealistic. I exercise almost every day, but no matter how fit I become my body will always show the signs of the 3 babies I have carried, birthed and nursed. I exercise to keep strong and healthy and it makes me happy.

So why are we always striving to get back to what we were before when it is unnecessary and will it serve us even if we could reach that goal?

I read a blog which has given me this week's email/workout inspiration with the title Dear Mothers: We're not meant to "bonce back"

With this in mind we are going to train just to stay fit and be able to move freely.

Cardio Monday is all about Shuttle runs and the pilate ring and Saturday Parkmum is called Insanity.

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