• Becky Parkmum

Hiit it or Quit it Agility Ladder Drills

Agility ladder training is a common drill used by many different strength and conditioning coaches to improve foot speed, as well as overall conditioning. Though it was initially used by elite athletes, it has gradually become part of the general training program for general fitness.

Agility ladder exercises are excellent for being used in short-explosive intervals, challenging your body and improving your coordination. Agility ladders are also highly recommended for weight loss since they are low impact for your joints and tendons.

Although they involve fast movements, the range of motion is small and there are no stress-inducing forces created with the ground like other higher impact jumping exercises. #parkmum #buggyfit #primrosehill #regentspark #highgatewoods #agilityladder #womensfitness #postnatalfitness #postnatalexercise #outdoorsfitness #strongcore


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