• Becky Parkmum

It takes a community to raise a child, who raises a mum?

Yes, its ok to have it all…. without the guilt! But we all need some help along the way and the biggest help we have is helping each other!

Hats off to us working mums! How many people would take on a non-paid (money) job with no training and a promise of huge rewards that you have to trust are there? Then you have huge expectations from all and sundry of what you should be doing…all whilst being sleep deprived…then just when you have steadied the ship, add back your paid job on top of all the other work! and then we do it again (baby number two or more). This week’s theme is sticking together and with this in mind we will complete team and partner challenges. We are all in the same boat so come and enjoy the ride together.

Cardio Monday is about shuttle runs and battle ropes and Saturdays Parkmum is called 4 & More and, in every class, we will fit in 100 lunges to continue our 100 lunge June challenge.

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