• Becky Parkmum

Motherhood is an Extreme Sport

It occurred to me this week in the mornings as I, once again, broke a sweat just trying to wrangle my three kids out the door so they could get to school on time, that motherhood itself is an extreme sport.

I think we've overlooked the incredible agility, athleticism and dedication that mothers exhibit on a daily basis. I am not saying we are anywhere near an Olympian but here are my top five motherhood sports:

Sport Number One: The sleep deprivation marathon Sport Number Two: Potty training (my least favourite time) Sport Number Three: Mornings (just getting out the door) Sport Number Four: After-School (I know many are not there yet but I will put it here: HOMEWORK) Sport Number Five: Bedtime and actually getting them to sleep This week we will simply train for Motherhood.

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