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As concern heightens around the Corona-virus, I thought it would be time to share some considerations I have been putting into place around classes, hygiene and general wellbeing. Whilst it's important to remain calm and not stress about the situation, I also think being mindful and considerate over the spreading of germs in general is very important at this time. Thankfully our buggyfit session are outside and it is brilliant time to exercises outdoors in the fresh air, gaining both vitamin D and stress busting endorphins along with exercising our lungs and muscles. In the mean time we go as usual! But if you are feeling unwell, or if your little one is unwell, I would politely ask you to stay home. Runny nose, flu-like symptoms, fever or cough are the things to be aware of. Whilst not wishing to cause panic or further frustration to you all my priority is to keep you and your children safe and healthy as possible. Please know that all the equipment I use is washed, sterilized and cleaned with antibacterial cleaner prior to every classes and we will also try to limit the use of equipment and focus on using our body weight. I will adapt partner and team exercises to avoid contact with one another and I would ask that you wash hands before attending classes. Please only push or hold onto your buggy and baby. Please look after yourselves using common sense and sensible hygiene protocols. I will be regularly updating you as and when advice from the NHS, WHO & the Government is issued, as to how my class provision may be affected. Thank you for your understanding and support. Other than that, for now it's business as usual for Buggyfit with the fabulous sense of fun you've come to expect from our classes, don't hide at home yet!

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