• Becky Parkmum


Colourful, light-weight (1/4-lb) drumsticks called ripstix add an element of fun to the class while they help us count out the length of time, we can hold certain positions. Although they are light weight, the ripstix also help tone forearms, upper arms, chest, and shoulders.

Our inner Rockstar’s are coming out. The workout includes exercises that involve alternate squatting and standing to strengthen the inner and outer thighs, buttocks, core muscles, and back muscles. All whilst drumming and are ideal for helping maintain and improve balance.

No Core Monday this week. All other buggyfit session are on as usual. #parkmum #buggyfit #drummingworkout #rockstars #personaltrainer #postnatal #postnatalfitness #babyfriendly #primrosehill #regentspark #squats #lunges


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