• Becky Parkmum

Should, Should, Should

Should, used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone's actions.

SHOULDS are dominating in parenting, motherhood, from the birth plan, to your baby's sleep or lack of it, and feeding: they permeate intrusively into every stage of your life as a mother.

They keep you striving on a treadmill that churns out further SHOULDS. SHOULDS falsely give an illusion of control. If you are ticking all the boxes, then you must be happy and winning, right? This week there are no SHOULDS, we are going to go at our own pace and throw out SHOULD and embrace the truth that we are all winging it!

No Cardio Monday due to the bank holiday. Saturday Parkmum Bootcamp is called +1. #parkmum #buggyfit #primrosehill #regentspark #highgatewoods #postnatalexercises #bringbaby #should #personaltrainer


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