• Becky Parkmum

Taking Sides

Unilateral Training or Taking side. If you took Latin in school—or know what a unicycle is—you likely know that "uni" means one, and therefore can deduce that unilateral training entails using one of something. It's any training that isolates or uses one side of the body at a time—as opposed to distributing evenly between both sides as you do with traditional bilateral training, As mother, we do become imbalanced from carting around a baby all day normally on the same arm/side of our bodies, and your body adapts leaving one side stronger than the other.

Unilateral training isolates each side to work independently, which is why it can help correct imbalances. This ensures that your stronger, dominant side isn't allowed to compensate and take over.

Core Monday is on as usual and do not forget Parkmum Bootcamp on Saturday Mornings. Important Buggyfit Wednesday Regents Park will not be taking place this week as I have to take my youngest to an appointment. All other sessions are running as normal.

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