• Becky Parkmum

The Best is Yet to Come

I used to dread the thought of reaching 40. Actually, I used to dread the idea of being 30 when I was younger. I suppose we all do a little, worry about getting older, dying, not accomplishing everything we really want to in life. But with three children before I was 35 my 30's felt like a haze of child rearing. 39 actually feels a lot better than 35 did, probably because I am healthy, happy and content nowadays, and a lot more focused on what I want from the future. At 35 everything was a little hazy, and a little confused. Because of the best decision I have ever made in my life! Growing a human, and then a second, and a third is one of the most wonderful, exciting and life-changing experiences (for me anyway), and has helped me gain a wider perspective on many, many things in life as well as starting running Buggyfit!

This week I will putting 30 into most exercises, 30 seconds, 30 reps as I move into my last year of being in my 30's.

Core Monday is on as usual as is Parkmum Bootcamp on Saturday.

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