• Becky Parkmum

We Rule the World

1. The Queen, 2. Prime Minister Theresa May, 3. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, 4. Home Secretary Amber Rudd (I know she is not still the Home Secretary, but she was for a while) 5. Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick

These are the five most powerful women in the UK. Is this a sign that we rule the world?! This week we are going to celebrate being female and the joy of motherhood and embrace that we do in fact rule the world.

FINAL WEEK BEFORE MY HOLIDAY! (No Parkmum on Saturday 13th)

Cardio Monday as always is about shuttle runs and Pilate ring workout. Current offers are below.

Finally the winner of The Great Buggyfit Squat Off 2018 is Annie from Highgate woods with an amazing squat hold time of 8 minutes 21 seconds. I will bring your prize this week. I hope every one’s bum is not to sore after so many squats.

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