• Becky Parkmum

Where did my bum go?

  • A weak core often leads to a collapsed sitting and standing posture.

  • The body then uses the glutes (bum muscles) instead of the core to stabilize the pelvis.

  • When the glutes are busy stabilizing they are not available to do their main job, which is extending your legs when you walk, run and squat to get in and out of chairs and lift.

As a result, that part of the glute/bum muscle wastes away and becomes inactive leaving us with a flat, saggy bum and no real functional strength.

At Buggyfit we start with retraining the core and pelvic alignment and as a result the glutes can return to their main job and build real strength again. The benefit? You get your bum back!

Who is coming this week? Cardio Monday is about shuttle runs supersets (supersets are combinations of exercises performed consecutively with no rest in between the sets) and Parkmum this Saturday is called killer countdown.

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