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Moon Women’s Health, 63 Chetwynd Road, NW5 1SL

Thursday 8th June 7-9pm

Pelvic Power = Women’s Power

  • you have leaks when you laugh, jump, cough, sneeze or exercise?

  • Has a diagnosis of prolapse caused you to fear or avoid exercise, sports you used to love?

  • Avoiding normal daily activities or task?

  • Do you have painful sex?

  • Have you lost confidence as a result of your symptoms?


Come and join Anne (campaigner for Period poverty) Becky (female specialist Personal Trainer) & Naomi (Women’s Physio) at our Pelvic Power workshops. We will look at issues affecting pelvic health, how to attain a reactive pelvic floor, the role posture and breath plays with the pelvic floor and how to add the power of movement back into your life.


In addition to our interactive and informative presentation, the session will include Q&A time allowing for specific queries and issues you may have.


Free goodie bags to those that join 

Thursday 8th June 7-9pm @moon_womens_health


Donate what you can to join this event and all the money raised will go to This Girl Can: Period who help girls in Kenya and the UK to stay in school when they menstruate.



Meet your panel


Naomi Chanim has over 17 years of experience as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. In the last 3 years she has specialised in the field of Women’s Health Physiotherapy.  She is also a Mummy MOT Practitioner. This wealth of both musculoskeletal and women’s health knowledge means she can deliver the best possible care to her patients. She is passionate about empowering and helping women of all ages with conditions such as pelvic girdle pain, pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and urogynaecological issues like painful sex, urinary leaks and prolapse. @the_pelvic_floor_physio 


Becky McDonald is a female specialist personal trainer. Her passion and expertise is to educate and empower women on their journey to and through motherhood-from pregnancy, motherhood and into perimenopause. 


Anne Nicholls providing reusable menstrual pads and bringing sexual-reproductive education and menstrual dignity to adolescents in disadvantage communities, so they can complete their schooling. @thisgirlcan.period

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