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Reconnect to your fitness journey with Park|Bump, Park|Baby, Park|Body, Park|Beyond and say goodbye to injury, aches and pains and hello to your highly functioning body that looks and feels good.


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Whether you are trying to conceive or pregnant, new to exercise or CrossFit enthusiast, Becky will meet you at your current fitness level, teaching you how to move safely and stay strong, building in considerations for optimising core and pelvic health, and how to alleviate common pregnancy aches, pains and more. These learnings, and the fitness which comes with them, will prepare you for birth and can be applied beyond for a safe recovery and an effective return to fitness. 


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Embarking on your postpartum journey can be daunting but Becky strives to break down those barriers, identifying the right types of postpartum training appropriate for your stage of recovery. Through bridging the gap between the postnatal phase and traditional training methods, Becky takes a functional approach to postpartum fitness, aiming to build a sustainable regime, rather than focusing on short term goals, and aims to make your body more robust for the long term demands of motherhood.


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If you are beyond baby, or never had one and want to take your fitness to a new level with confidence, then this is for you. Becky will listen to your aspirations and help you achieve your goals in a realistic and healthy way. These goals can be as specific as you like because everybody is different! From returning to running, to dancing, to HIIT or CrossFit, Becky loves working with women who are ready to start moving.


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If you are entering peri-menopause and beyond, feeling aches and pains, and feeling a general decline through aging, Becky is here to show you that exercises and movement can be the magic pill when it comes to aging well, and reversing some of the decline which comes from not working all the key muscle groups. 

Wonder Women Workouts

Time: Tuesday 9:30am

 Wednesday: 12:30am

 Saturday: 8am & 9am  

Location: Primrose Hill Park,

Outside the Café, NW8 7LS

Cost: £13, £55 x 5 or £100 x 10 session

Wonder Women Workout is a female outdoors fitness class for women of all ages and abilities. Pre & Postnatal, school Mum, Non-Mum or Beyond. Reconnect to your fitness and say goodbye to injury, aches and pains and hello to your highly functioning body that looks and feels good. Empowering you to rediscover fitness through exploring new ways to move to unlock your body’s true potential, no matter what stage you are at in your pregnancy, postpartum journey and beyond. Babies, Toddlers and Children are welcome to join in sessoin but are your responsibility. 

Natal Fitness
(Exclusive to Hampstead Mum's Members)

Time: Wednesday 10am

Location: Zoom or Primrose Hill Park /Hampstead Heath

Cost: £10

Pre & Postnatal Zoom + Live Fitness Classes

Zoom sessions will be 40 minutes and all you need is a pair of light dumbbells (2-3kg) or two 1.5 liter bottles of water and a little space to move.

I will guide you through some strength, mobility, balance and cardio exercises. Whether you are pregnant or postnatal I can adapt and challenge you all offering alternatives to each exercise as needed but many can and will be done all together.

Some session will be offered over zoom and also specific sessions can be done in person in the wonders of Primrose Hill Park or Hampstead Heath depending on everyone’s location.  We can discuss what works for you all as I know both pregnancy and the postnatal period is time consuming and your own time is precious.

In my opinion, hybrid training – mixing Zoom with some in person sessions – is far more effective than just Zoom.

Ex-Press Strength & Power Session
(Bookable only via the Moon's Website, excluded from loyalty scheme)

Time: Wednesday 7:15pm

Location: Moon Women's Health Centre, Chetwndy Road, NW5 1BX

Cost: £15 per session

45-miunte strength & power class will boost your metabolism and maximise your hormonal response to exercise; think of those happy endorphins!

Each session will be an intimate class so we can focus on building strength, endurance and confidence while improving your technique and skill.  The class is designed to develop greater full body strength and better mobility. We will use functional training, Hiit, circuit based and resistance training and each session will have slightly different focus to help you process and build up your bone density banks and movement patterns. The session will cater for all abilities so you can work at your own pace.

We lose 1.5% strength per year and power at 3.5% per year. Now is the time to stop the decline! Join my class!

Personal Training

Any time to suit you either at your home or in a local Park.

I’m an advanced level 3 qualified personal trainer, who specialises in Female Training. Empowering you to rediscover fitness through exploring new ways to move to unlock your body’s true potential, no matter what stage you are at in your pregnancy, postpartum journey and beyond. I design programmes perfectly tailored to you, from the time you want to train to where you want to train (at home, your garden or local park). Babies, Toddlers and Children are more than welcome to join your session but equally it can be your time out. I cover most areas near and surrounding the Hampstead London area.


Now as I am getting older, I love that exercise can be used as a tool to help ease the many burdens aging brings. Exercise can be the magic pill to help us be the strongest version of ourselves, be empowered and staying pain free through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.


I offer 1-2-1 sessions from as little as £45 per hour, just get in touch to learn more or ask about my availability.

About Me

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Becky McDonald


Hi I am Becky; I am a mum of three kids currently aged 11,9 & 7 living locally in Hampstead, London. Before children I was Cabin Crew but the demands of motherhood made me change my career back in 2012 to become a womens’ fitness specialist personal trainer after discovering my passion for getting people moving.

I started off by running outside buggyfit classes in both Primrose Hill & Regents Park which have been going for the last 6 years. I focus on functional movement, while also bespoking exercise classes to the specific needs of the female body (there is a notable difference from male training regimes). I have now expanded my areas of specialism to include ‘corrective exercise’: my expertise now also includes (as well as pre and postnatal), peri-menopause and functional training and the many benefits it gives us as we age.

My mantra: empowering women to rediscover fitness through exploring new ways to move to unlock their body’s true potential, no matter what stage they are at in, from pregnancy, postpartum journey and beyond.


Be the strongest version of yourself, empowered and pain free through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond



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