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Female specialist, Pre & Postnatal Fitness and MenoFitness



Primrose Hill Park,
Meeting point: Trim Trail Entrance Gate next to toilet block
Time: Thursday 11 am

Regents Park,
Meeting point:  Will to Win Tennis Centre, York Bridge, Inner Circle outside the cafe
Time: Monday 10:30am & Wednesday 10:30am

The best way to get back in shape after your new arrival. Whatever your postnatal stage we have a programme that will suit your needs.

Buggyfit Classes provide a platform for healthy exercises at the right level for mothers with babies in buggies, whether newborns or toddlers. Each class includes group exercises specially selected to strengthen and tone particular muscle groups, and enable us to cope with the demands of motherhood.

You can join a buggyfit class as soon as you have had your GP check. We buggyfit in all weathers, so come prepared. There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing! Although you may get warm, the babies are not exercising, so remember your buggy snuggles, cosy toes or blankets for the cold days, we buggyfit rain or shine.

Parkmum Bootcamp

Primrose Hill Park,
Meeting point: Trim Trail Entrance next to the Toilet Block and Cafe
Time: Saturday 8am

PARKMUM is intended to provide a full body workout in the form of a woman-only outdoor exercise class, with a steer towards body areas which form the key focus of most women’s get-fit regimes.  The class will provide a good follow-on for mums beyond 6 months postnatal, and non-mums looking to work hard and fine-tune their body.

All fitness levels are welcome - Beginners, intermediate and advanced.  The class will include a variety of cardio, core stability, strength, resistance and body weight exercises.

The hour session includes team games, pair games and individual work all designed to make working out more fun. 

Instead of heading to the gym, team up in the fresh air. Make friends and burn calories. We operate in all weathers, so come prepared.

Personal Training

Any time to suit you either at your home or in a local Park.

I’m an advanced level 3 qualified personal trainer, who specialises in Pre &  Post natal,Menopause and Beyond but passionate about all forms of female fitness.


I design programmes perfectly tailored to you, from the time you want to train to where you want to train (at home, your garden or the park).


London life and motherhood can be busy and stressful, and exercise is the best relief for stress. I have an understanding of new mums and their struggle to get back into shape after birth having 3 children of my own. The post baby weight can be frustratingly hard to lose and the misconception that mums will just bounce back to their old shape straight away is hard. Babies and kids are welcome in all sessions.


I offer 1-2-1 sessions (purchased individually or in a block) or small (self-organised) group sessions.

Small Private Group Training

Any time to suit you either at your home or in a local Park.

Personal training can be too expensive so, grab a friend or friends (up to 10) and book me for a small private group session at a time or place to suit you. Each session will be fun, but still small enough to get some exercise corrections and a little push as needed along the way. Babies and Children are welcome but that is totally up to you. As is what areas of fitness you wish to work on. I can program for the group as desired. 

2-10 participants

60mins| £50-£100 per session depending on numbers 


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Becky McDonald


About Me:

I went to Kingston University and studied Interior Design and straight after finishing my degree I decided to travel.  I went backpacking around Thailand, Australia and New Zealand with friends and returned with the traveling bug which led me to become cabin crew for BMI airlines. After exploring many interesting countries, I left to have my first child, and discovered Buggyfit which was a brilliant social release for me. After attending buggyfit session with my first child I retrained as a personal trainer with YMCAfit.

Fast forward a couple of years to January 2017 and with three children now in tow, I started up my own business as the official Buggyfit trainer for Regent's Park and Primrose Hill.  I also started my own branded Personal Training business, Parkmum.


Life being self-employed with 3 children has many challenges but I love fitness and enjoy making fitness fun and efficient for women, mainly at the moment specialising in post-natal fitness. 


Having gone through 3 pregnancies myself, and having to retrain after each, it gave me huge insight into how hard it can be to regain fitness. Fitness is my passion and I hope to share my passion to help other women on whatever journey they are on.


Restore, Strengthen & Recapture Natal & Meno Fitness



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